Hu Lane Associate Inc. Explores Taiwanese and Vietnamese Investments to Avoid Trade War Fallout

Hu Lane Associate Inc. Explores Taiwanese and Vietnamese Investments to Avoid Trade War Fallout

Hu Lane Associate Inc. has been actively developing new products to mitigate the impact of the decline of China’s automotive industry. New products, such as the PCB fuse box and the high-speed, high-frequency connector will see fruition by the first half of 2020. Additionally, connectors for electric car headlights will have the opportunity to enter the Volkswagen supply chain and results expected in 2020.

To reduce the impact of the Chinese automotive recession, Chairman Zhang Zixiong stated that the proportion in the European and American markets is over 10%, which is the same as that of the Taiwanese market. The market has been actively decentralized and operational performance has improved. 

Zhang states that the current progress in the European automotive market is faster, and has already cooperated with international manufacturers of electric car headlight connectors. Volkswagen will be launching a budget electric car available for the global market in 2022. The market for electric cars is expected to steadily increase with sales of electric cars predicted to be between 2 and 3% of total sales next year.

Other new products such as PCB fuse boxes, high-speed high-frequency connectors, high-current high-voltage connectors are all under development. These technologies are used in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and blindspot detection devices. Hu Lane Associate Inc. is focusing R&D efforts on intelligent vehicle technology. Expect to see results by the first half of next year.

As for the Taiwanese market, the focus is on developing electric motorcycles. Given that motorcycles are ubiquitous in Indonesia and Vietnam, the demand will continue to grow in the long term. Expansion into the Indonesian and Vietnamese markets is underway with the latter occurring at a faster pace.

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