One-stop partner in electronics

 One-stop partner in electronics

Founded in 1979, Sheng Yeong Products Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying and distributing all kinds of electronics components to a worldwide client base from design concept to finished products that satisfy their niche markets.

As a professional business partner, Sheng Yeong not only provides components, but also manufacture customized parts and products that meet each client’s particular requirement in every step.

Sheng Yeong houses three main vertically integrated departments:

Electronics Components:
Distribute and offer a wide array of passive, active components and telecom parts which includes, accessories, SMD capacitors/resistors, connector, RF connectors, SIM card connectors, cable assembly, crystals, diodes, transistors, fuses, fuse holders, buzzers, PTC/NTC thermistors, transistor, varistors, transformers, ICs, relays, receivers, LEDs, mics, hinges, line cords, wires, coils, switches, keypads, conductive rubbers, buzzer, heat sinks, GSM/CDMA antennas, TNC cables, IC sockets, terminals, terminal block, pin headers, filters, chokes, inductors, adaptor, switch key locks/cam lock, potentiometers, regulators, LCD glass/module, SATA, USB cables, hardware parts and the customized accessories/products. Plastic housing development and plastic injection service also provided for OEM/ODM business. Follows given sample to develop, to design and to the mass production.

PCB Volume Production:
A one-stop solution for all PCB-related needs. Double-sided, rigid-flex and multilayered PCBs- available with up to 28 layers. Constructed with materials sourced from the US and Taiwan, as well as highly compact copper circuits that maintains both durability and high performance. All manufacturing equipment are from the US, Germany, and Japan. Regular updating of technology ensures high-quality PCBs that comply with RoHS Directive. Send Gerber files for quotations within 24hours.

PCB Assembly Manufacturing:
Providing turnkey EMS solutions for consumer electronics, security systems, networking production and telecom devices. A trustworthy, reliable supply chain partner, Sheng Yeong offers comprehensive and integrated design and manufacturing service that are vertically integrated with the Electronic Components department to optimize customer’s operations and time to market, from concept to initial products design and volume production. OEM and ODM of all kinds of applications for a wide variety of industries.

Sheng Yeong homepage:

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