Simplo Tech Group invests in e-bike industry

Simplo Tech Group invests in e-bike industry

The multi-billion Simplo Tech Group (SMP), headquartered in Taiwan, debuted at the 2019 Eurobike show. This battery maker, which is the main supplier for Apple computers, notebooks, tablets and I-phones, presented itself through one of its subsidiaries; Trend Energy Technology Co. Ltd.

“The e-bike is currently a leading development project in our company. Therefore, we collaborate with a wide variety of companies in the e-bike industry, including brands, app developers, e-bike manufacturers, system manufactures and OEMs,” said SMP’s high power sales & marketing department manager Kevin Chang during a visit to Bike Europe.

The relevance of e-bikes for Simplo Group Tech Energy (SMP) is explained by Kevin Chang, “we are a specialist in lithium battery development and production, which makes e-bikes a strategic product for us. By sharing know-how, developing more resources and gaining experience, we hope to create more and new product lines. We have seen more and more system suppliers entering the e-bike industry recently which creates a lot of business opportunities for us. We expect to generate more openings with these parties in the market through cooperation on the battery development in the near future.”

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