Taiwan biomed company donates COVID-19 detection kits to Malaysia

Taiwan biomed company donates COVID-19 detection kits to Malaysia

Taiwan’s Geneaid Biomed recently donated a shipment of COVID-19 detection kits to the Ministry of Health of Malaysia.

The GeneAid Biomed COVID-19 RT-PCR kit is for in vitro diagnostic test. It is a one-step real time RT-PCR for detection of COVID-19 corona virus in human nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swab or sputum specimens.

The ongoing outbreak of the recently emerged novel coronavirus (COVID-19) poses a challenge for public health laboratories as virus isolates are unavailable. According to Geneaid Biomed, the closest RNA sequence similarity is to two bat coronaviruses, and it appears likely that bats are the primary source.

Geneaid (established in 2002) is a leading manufacturer of DNA/RNA purification products including plasmid kits, DNA extraction kits, RNA kits, virus DNA RNA kits, gel extraction kits, PCR cleanup kits, cloning kits, magnetic bead genomic DNA kits, PCR products, enzymes, protein products, DNA markers as well as high-throughput 96-Well DNA/RNA extraction kits.

While serving the needs of the global biotechnology industry for 12 years, Geneaid has expanded its international distribution network to over 50 countries and continues adding to its long list of esteemed business partnerships around the world.

In Taiwan, some of the company’s partnerships include the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the CIB (Criminal Investigation Bureau), the AVRDC (World Vegetable Center), Academia Sinica and all major university labs.

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