For the first time ... Turkish thermal cameras enter the global market

For the first time ... Turkish thermal cameras enter the global market With the increase in interest in thermal cameras that measure temperature in light of the global outbreak of the Corona epidemic, a Turkish company produces them locally, sells them inside the country and exports them to other countries such as Britain and the United States.

In statements to Anatolia, Hakan Kikake, founder of electronic and security systems for HBF company, said that the company started its activity in 2017 with the aim of producing security surveillance cameras, its various parts, on top of which are control panels, and also worked on developing software for its products.

Kakekik pointed out that the company’s factory in Istanbul has an area of ​​two thousand square meters and that the proportion of local manufacturing of the company’s production exceeds 70%.

He added that they are seeking to increase this local percentage to 90% in the coming months.

He continued: "According to the data of 2018 regarding the field of security cameras, it was imported from abroad with a value of nearly 600 million dollars."

He added: We have been able to reduce part of the imports by our local production, and our share of the local market has reached 4%.

Kakek explained that they "started their activity by producing security cameras with similar analog or high-definition (analog) signals, and that they have reached an important position in the market in this field."

** Possibility to detect who does not wear masks

He pointed out that "there is no opportunity to fix imported products from abroad when they are damaged, while they can quickly maintain their local products, whatever the faults, which made them one of the distinguished companies that customers prefer because of the after-sales guarantee and other advantages."

He added that they had started producing "IP" cameras (a camera used to monitor some places via the Internet) after the success of the analog product group.

Kakekik indicated that they have reached an advanced level in software; As they have developed the capabilities of their systems to recognize faces directly by 99%.

He explained that they produced Facestation System, a monitoring system that works through 3D facial recognition technology, for use in smart buildings and different places.

He pointed out that the feature of facial recognition in surveillance systems gained great importance with the spread of the Corona epidemic, which led to increased interest in their products.

He pointed out that the programming and development process is entirely up to the company, which enables them to add any other characteristics or capabilities of the product such as the ability to measure temperature and the feature of identifying those who wear the muzzle.

He continued: There is a small computer that has an algorithm in this product, and the face image that is captured with our IP camera is processed by this computer.

The device can be accessed via a computer, reports and various information can also be accessed via the tablet, and the temperature can be measured by means of the temperature sensor inside the camera. According to a cake.

** Possibility of measuring the temperature for 30 persons at the same time

Kikkik pointed out that the infrared system is used in such type of products globally, while the company uses a temperature sensor.

He continued: "Our competitors used heat sensors after they saw our experience, and they were also identifying faces by combing or examining the face, and then we started doing this with a three-dimensional technology, and then our competitors switched to this system."

Kikkik explained that it is possible to deceive the device in the old system by displaying the image, but this was avoided in the 3D system.

He added: In addition to the monitoring system, we have produced a thermal imaging camera intended for places where there is a massive presence of people and that transit is not available individually, such as revolving doors.

He pointed out that they have presented a Facestation Maxi camera that takes pictures and thermal sensing, provided that each one is small and accurate, and this camera is placed from a clear angle of view and it can measure the temperature of 30 individuals at the same time.

The Facestation Maxi Plus, the premium model, is a product that has many of the most advanced features and is built for defense purposes, according to Kakek.

Kikke continues his speech, saying: "In light of the spread of the Corona epidemic, we received requests for Facestation products to monitor workers by various institutions, especially hotels."

He added, "Our products are the only local products that meet the conditions set by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the thermal camera. Also, homemade thermal imaging cameras used in high-level public facilities and the private sector contribute to the country's fight against the epidemic."

** Export to the United States of America and Britain

Kakeek emphasized that the thermal products had received great attention from the first day of its release, and that it competes with its counterparts in many features in addition to the price difference.

He explained that they exported their products to the United States of America, Britain and South Africa, and that they received requests from more than ten countries to obtain the rights to distribute the products.

Kekke expressed his pride in exporting local Turkish products in this field for the first time, indicating that the state’s encouragement played an important role in the company's success.

He added that they had presented their products to Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Warnek who praised their products.

He pointed out that the concentration and abundance of technology production in specific regions of the world cause the reluctance of some producers from this field due to commercial concerns and lack of competitiveness.

He concluded by saying: However, thanks to the state’s encouragement, Turkish producers were able to bring their products to the global market in addition to the local market.

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